~ With Our Services... Here is Some of What You Can Do! ~



  • Contacts Database
  • Category Management
  • Dynamic Targets
  • And More...

  • Create Custom Data
  • Register Phone Numbers
  • Register Email Addresses

  • Send Voice Broadcast
  • Send Mobile eCard
  • Send Appointment

  • Auto Campaigns
  • Multi-Channel Voting
  • Text-to-Screen
  • Interact with Hot Leads

  • Mobile App
  • Coupons Loyalty Program
  • QR Codes
  • Exclusive Sales

  • Report Manager
  • Customer's Credit History
  • Customer's Monthly Summary


    How are you increasing membership and donations?


    How are you keeping members up-to-date and remind them of upcoming events


    How are you increasing volunteer participation and action


    Are you automatically collecting member information?


    Are you engaging and interacting with your live audience?


    All-in-One Marketing can bring in new members with mobile keyword campaigns, which engage and invite your potential members to join your organization.


    For example, members can text the word CHURCH to 12345 and instantantly receive a welcome message
    on their phone.


    All-in-One Marketing allows you to send text
    messages, weekly email newsletters, post daily
    social updates and voice broadcasts helping you
    keep members up-to-date about events.


    Provide mobile sign-up keywords, online sign-up
    page templates, and Facebook widgets to easily
    collect member data online and on-the-go.