~ With Our Services... Here is Some of What You Can Do! ~



  • Contacts Database
  • Category Management
  • Dynamic Targets
  • And More...

  • Create Custom Data
  • Register Phone Numbers
  • Register Email Addresses

  • Send Voice Broadcast
  • Send Mobile eCard
  • Send Appointment

  • Auto Campaigns
  • Multi-Channel Voting
  • Text-to-Screen
  • Interact with Hot Leads

  • Mobile App
  • Coupons Loyalty Program
  • QR Codes
  • Exclusive Sales

  • Report Manager
  • Customer's Credit History
  • Customer's Monthly Summary


    Are you filling up guest lists on the weekends and even throughout the week?


    How are you getting guests to return to your venue?


    How are you engaging customers and providing a fun environment?


    Are you promoting your event directly to guests using SMS text, email, or social media?


    Do you find it challenging to collect contact information from patrons?


    Make your event venue the weekend hot spot! Send patrons a picture or video message of last weekend's highlights so they wouldn't want to miss upcoming festivities.


    All-in-One Marketing also allows you to send text reminders to alert guests to show up for fun-filled nights!


    Keep them in the loop about scheduled DJ/musical performances, featured hosts, and pricing information.


    Send mobile eCards on their birthdays and holidays with exclusive offers to build rapport and to show appreciation for their continued business!