~ With Our Services... Here is Some of What You Can Do! ~



  • Contacts Database
  • Category Management
  • Dynamic Targets
  • And More...

  • Create Custom Data
  • Register Phone Numbers
  • Register Email Addresses

  • Send Voice Broadcast
  • Send Mobile eCard
  • Send Appointment

  • Auto Campaigns
  • Multi-Channel Voting
  • Text-to-Screen
  • Interact with Hot Leads

  • Mobile App
  • Coupons Loyalty Program
  • QR Codes
  • Exclusive Sales

  • Report Manager
  • Customer's Credit History
  • Customer's Monthly Summary


    Are you offering marketing services that leverage
    today's diverse digital technologies, such as mobile, email and social media?


    Are you currently sending promotional offers through mobile text, voice, social media, as well as email?


    Are you using a technology platform that can be effective, regardless of your clients' industries?


    By including all popular channels of marketing in one service, your client has less reason to shop for
    another agency or work with multiple agencies. Your campaign can show better results with all channels deployed in one campaign.


    Get higher response and conversion rates by
    reaching customers through the communication channels they prefer.


    All-in-One Marketing is proven to work for all
    industries and organizations so you'll quickly grow
    your client base. The solution helps increase sales, traffic, brand awareness or retention rates.