~ With Our Services... Here is Some of What You Can Do! ~



  • Contacts Database
  • Category Management
  • Dynamic Targets
  • And More...

  • Create Custom Data
  • Register Phone Numbers
  • Register Email Addresses

  • Send Voice Broadcast
  • Send Mobile eCard
  • Send Appointment

  • Auto Campaigns
  • Multi-Channel Voting
  • Text-to-Screen
  • Interact with Hot Leads

  • Mobile App
  • Coupons Loyalty Program
  • QR Codes
  • Exclusive Sales

  • Report Manager
  • Customer's Credit History
  • Customer's Monthly Summary


    What are you doing TODAY about bringing in new first-time guests?

    How often do your existing customers return to dine
    with you?

    How are you driving instantaneous traffic during slow periods?

    How are you currently collecting your customers' information?

    Do you take reservations? If so, how are you
    minimizing no-shows?


    All-in-One Marketing can drive in new business with mobile keyword campaigns, which engage and entice your potential customer to purchase. For example, customers can text the word PIZZA to 12345 and instantly receive a special offer on their phone.


    All-in-One Marketing allows you to create high-impact mobile text campaigns, weekly email newsletters, and post daily social promotions, helping you consistently bring back repeat customers and minimize

    All-in-One Marketing helps drive traffic during slow periods by sending targeted mobile coupons directly
    to mobile phones. Unlike email offers, you will see an instantaneous response coming through your door.